Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perfect killer

Spartans are suppose to be calm, cool and collected. Strong and confident always prepared for a fight. Still I was broken and brought to my knees, fatally struck in the heart. She was just a fair skinned Irish girl with dark hair and blue eyes. Sometimes I wonder if this was her plan all along, kind, unsure, and needy all just an act. Maybe she was the real Spartan all along

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forever Mine

I guess I should be grateful for the time we had together. For all the firsts times and last times we had. Holding hands, kisses, long embraces, laughter, and even crying. Just talking and telling you anything and everything. I should be grateful but I'm not. Call me greedy, selfish, and ungrateful but I won't care. I want you and only you...Nothing short of forever will do.

I love you

You Scream I Scream

You make me want to scream...
Scream how I hate you
Scream I think I hate you
Scream I want to hate you
Scream I need to hate you
But screaming doesnt help
I still don't hate you
I only hate myself
People scream before they die
Maybe that's why I scream

Perfection in Death

What do you do when emotions are meaningless? How can one be mad at everything and yet mad at nothing? How can someone feel betrayed yet forgiving? How can they feel love, but be lonely? How can a person hate himself? Emotions are meaningless. Their a trait that dies in me a little each day. Maybe death isnt the end its just us reaching perfection... perfectly devoid of all feelings.

I want to be perfect

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Conquers

Have faith that at times I will fail
that I'll be wrong
that I'll make you cry
that you'll hate me
but above all else
Have faith in OUR love

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The world has always been a big place before you and after you. When i was with you though I always felt like i had a place. Now your gone and I walk around as a vagrant in this cold world. Please bring me home again...

Heart of soul

If i die before i wake id pray the lord my soul to take. For what good is my soul without my heart? As you see me now I am in want of heart, I am living but not living I merely exist. So every night i repeat this prayer, I pray the lord my soul to take, I pray the lord my soul to take...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The heart speaks

You let me in and I broke your heart. Now you guard it with high stone walls. But when all is quiet and still i can hear the beat of your heart. And guess what? It still says my name...

Dont leave things up to "fate"

I dont believe in fate. To me fate is the fairy tail explanation people give when something happens that they feel was out of their control. In a way i think the belief in fate handicaps people from reaching their true potential. Truth is we are all just victims of random chance as unfortunate as that may be. I believe Ecclesiastes 9:11 puts it best where it simply says in part "...time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all". Now this is not to say I do not believe in God and his purpose set out in the bible, (Matt6:9) but at this time we are not living in Gods kingdom yet and until then this is how things are. However this fact does not necessarily have to be a negative influence though. If more people would own up to the fact that there is no such thing as "fate", i think it would motivate more people to go out and take control of their own lives. Honestly sometimes things don't always pan out the way we would like, but rather than give up and blame it on fate why not keep striving for your goals? I believe we can each make our own fate through perseverance and commitment. I believe fate is what you make it. And if you want to be truly happy in life you cant leave things up to chance, you need to step up and leave NOTHING to chance.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eternal Dream

Some people dream of their lives years from now. Some dream of their lives years ago. Each day a new day with different dreams to form. I just dream that one day i wont wake up...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your body

I love your body more than words can show. I love your body with or without cloths. With watery blue eyes always on the verge of tears they beg to me "please give in". Your lips taste sweet and never bitter. Your tongue numbs all feelings as it massages my neak. When i close my eyes i see your every bend and curve, every perfect part ive yet to explore. From the small of your sloping back to the hills of your womanly hips and last but not least between your silky thighs with my lips. Its because of you i know god exists... for who else could create a beauty such as this?

Season of Love

I woke up thinking about you again. I can even still taste you in the morning air. Your name always on the tip of my tongue. Your warmth always holding me in the morning sun. But now the seasons of love have changed. I only hear "i miss yous" in the passing rain. Please come back season that i love. Every morning i'll think of you... wishing you would come

Read Life

Why do people read what they could live instead? Maybe its to avoid the reason Im lying here wishing I was dead. Still I turn the pages in this book called life, because its a never ending story... with a very good plot

Silence is Violence

Silence is violence
let me stab you with a stare
Silence is violence
let me rip you with a glare
Silence is violence
as i watch you bleed scared
Silence is violence
as i bury you with a prayer
Now nothing is silent
Because my mind screams your not there

Die Unnoticed

If you fear dying... then die a Hero. Dieing a hero is just another way of saying your afraid to die alone. I say be brave and die unnoticed

Lonely among Masses

When you want to feel alone go to a crowded place and scream. If anyone asks tell them I sent you

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be content with happiness

You can not control a lot of things in life. One thing we can control though is our current state of happiness with where we are in life. I firmly believe goals and ambitions are valuable traits. However take time to truly appreciate where you are in life right now other wise you'll always be discontent. And worse you may miss the beautiful things right in front of you. Sadly i choose to learn this the hard way

When Anxiety ATTACKS

MY chest sinks in and my breath draws short. Here it is this FEELING that i cant UNDERSTAND. INVISIBLE hands pull me down and hold me under. i cant FIGHT back or make it go away. It comes IN when it wants and leaves only after im broken. I'm above all this its just in MY HEAD, but NOTHING in my head FEELS this REAL

Choose to Remember

Through good times and bad. Through fond memories often lost and painful ones recalled. I choose to remember them all because Love is not forgotten

LOVE Does Not

They say LOVE bears all things
but you bore them on your own

They say LOVE believes all things
but you believed only in failure

They say LOVE hopes all things
but you hoped in someone else

They say LOVE endures all things
but here i am enduring all alone

LOVE never fails they say... well THEY were wrong