Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forever Mine

I guess I should be grateful for the time we had together. For all the firsts times and last times we had. Holding hands, kisses, long embraces, laughter, and even crying. Just talking and telling you anything and everything. I should be grateful but I'm not. Call me greedy, selfish, and ungrateful but I won't care. I want you and only you...Nothing short of forever will do.

I love you


  1. For a living? Oh, heavens, no. *quiet laughter* I'm afraid I am the wrong person to ask for pointers of any kind (unless you're really, really interested in when to properly use that/which or how to write endless run-on sentences with obnoxiously fast & loose punctuation).

    But no. As far as I'm concerned, I do not write particularly well, either. But then, I also do not write with any intention -- I mean, I do not sit down and think "I am going to write about {insert subject here} today." Or even just, "I am going to sit down to write today." I simply sit down and write when there is something in my head to dump out. I don't plan; I don't do any real editing to speak of, aside from quick once-overs to ensure no horribly glaring spelling or syntactical disasters. And I do not write for an audience -- not with an audience in mind, I mean. I find it always mildly perplexing and almost disturbing that anyone actually reads anything I write, much less has anything positive to say about it.

    So...I don't know. But you're very sweet, thank you. I will keep an eye on you, and when I have anything worth saying to say, upon stopping by, I will say it. Or simply just wave hello across the miles.

    Warm thoughts to you, stranger.

  2. i have been checking your blogs..
    i feel your words..
    they are honest and real :)