Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watching People Pass By

Watching people pass by I wonder who they are. Not a name or job title but what they stand for, what they believe in. That's not something you can ask a person though. People lie...and maybe its not intentionally, for we are often not who "we" think we are. Many people say they are one thing, but then do another. "Talk is cheap" but actions never lie. Watching someone is the only way to tell, to know who they really are. The only thing missing from actions however is motive. Looking at an action you sometimes miss the finer nuances of the situation. Motive is sometimes even more important than the action itself. Whats worse, a good deed done for the wrong reason, or a bad deed done for the right reason? Unless you can read hearts though you'll never know a persons true motives. The best we can do is observe people and guess... So I sit here and watch people pass by


  1. Powerful. It really makes me reflect...

  2. A writing may be lost. A lie may be written or heard.
    But, what the eye has seen and felt is truth and remains in the mind...


  3. so true. how often i've wished you could be another person, just for a second, know why they do all those things they do, that seem unreasonable to you.