Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Day Without You

I can't spend another day without you. I feel myself breaking at the soul. Forgetting who I am, what I am. I stare at your pictures saying I love you until I fall asleep, wishing to never wake up but I always do. I try to remember why I'm here, why I deserve this for walking away. Or did you leave? I can't even remember anymore. I only know the reality of the pain and anguish I find myself in. Why can't I be with you now? Whats keeping you from my arms? I don't want answers though, I just want things to change so I can live again. So I can take my first breath and stop bleeding instead. How do you manage my love? We belong together, we were made for one another. Never have I ever felt so strong as when we are together. I know you must feel this distance. Does it not pain you to? Please come back to me. Lay your head beside mine and touch my face to see the truth behind my words. Let me heal as I run fingers through your hair and drink from your lips. And when I am drunk off you and my mind slips away in peace then you may kill me and leave. I would rather die at your hands then die slowly away from them.

I love you

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